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Fruity Carnival Slot Machine is perhaps the best choice for you if you’re seeking for a slot machine that personifies the phrases summertime, fun, and festive. CQ9 always makes sure that no detail is missed, and their focus on detail in this case is unmatched. The game’s introduction screen really sets the stage for what is to come, making the joyous mood clear from the outset. The game’s concept is introduced in colorful block text, and it is further supported with images of sun rays, plants, and stars. The trees that surround the reels have lush vines climbing up their trunks, which draws the viewer’s attention to the top of the screen. A variety of fruits in a rainbow of colors are dangling from the forest’s canopy. This game is definitely a feast for the senses with its color scheme of deep browns, lush greens, lovely purples, and vivid yellows and oranges.

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Game Rule

CQ9 Fruity Carnival Interface
CQ9 Fruity Carnival Payline


  • This game has 3 rounds, which are individually in the square areas of 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6, and randomly distribute the symbols including a special symbol in each round.
  • The game will distribute the symbols with corresponding amount on each line.
  • If the symbols combination matches the instructions of points, the players can win the corresponding points.
  • At the same time, the system will create new symbols combination until no matching to the instructions of points.
  • The lowet requirement of Round 1: consecutive 4 or more identical color:The lowest requirement of Round 2: consecutive 5 or more identical color: The lowest requirement of Round 3: consecutive 6 or more identical color.
  • If the player exit during the game, it means the player voluntarily give up the current status of the game. When re-enter, the player needs to start from the beginning.

Free Game

CQ9 Fruity Carnival Free Game-1
  • When one Free Game Symbol appears, can get 10 times of Free Games and get 1~5 multiplies randomly.
  • During free game, all the prize combination will multiply with this multiplie.
  • Free Game can not be awarded once more.
  • During Free Game, the bet is the same as the round that triggered the bonus game.


CQ9 Fruity Carnival Upgradesymbols
  • When clear 15 special symbols in each round, the game goes too next round.
  • When Round 3 ends, the procedure of the game ands.
  • If the special symbols appear, the special symbols will be cleared firstly.
  • After the special symbols are cleared, the game will fill with the symbols in 4×4 (5×5 of 6×6) areas.
  • The paylines will be calculated after the screen doesn’t have any special symbols.
  • Get a special symbol to clear a shield.
  • The right hand side shield will be cleared in Round 1.
  • The left hand side shield will be cleared in Round 2.
  • The bottom sield will be cleared in Round 3.
  • After clear all shield in Round 3, will back to Round 1.

Round 1

CQ9 Fruity Carnival Paytable-01

Round 2

CQ9 Fruity Carnival Paytable-02

Round 3

CQ9 Fruity Carnival Paytable-03

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

CQ9 Fruity Carnival is a slot game that features a colorful carnival theme with various fruity symbols.

Some online casinos may offer a demo version of CQ9 Fruity Carnival that you can play for free, but you won’t be able to win real money.

Yes, CQ9 Fruity Carnival is optimized for mobile play and can be played on smartphones and tablets.

Yes, you can adjust the bet size in CQ9 Fruity Carnival according to your preference.

Yes, CQ9 Fruity Carnival is tested and certified by third-party auditors to ensure fair and random results.

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Table of Contents

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